Roundtable: “Restoring Freedom, Dignity, and Independence to Veterans” (Mike Mendez) Duty First Assistance Dogs

Last Updated: January 25, 2024By

Discover the transformative power of service dogs at the ‘Roundtable: Restoring Freedom, Dignity, and Independence to Veterans,’ featuring Mike Mendez from Duty First Assistance Dogs. Join us for an inspiring discussion on the profound impact service dogs have on veterans’ lives.

Mike Mendez, an advocate for veterans’ well-being, will lead an engaging conversation on how assistance dogs restore freedom, dignity, and independence to veterans facing physical or emotional challenges. Learn about the incredible bond between service dogs and their handlers and understand the life-changing support they provide.

This ‘Roundtable’ is more than a discussion; it’s an opportunity to appreciate the life-changing role that these specially trained dogs play in enhancing the lives of veterans. Whether you’re passionate about supporting veterans, interested in learning about assistance dog programs, or seeking ways to contribute, this event offers valuable insights.

Stay tuned for event details, Mike Mendez’s experiences, and how you can get involved. We invite you to join us for a ‘Roundtable’ that honors veterans and celebrates the tireless work of Duty First Assistance Dogs in restoring independence and dignity to those who served our country.

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