RT: “The Sisters We Were” (Wendy Willis Baldwin)

Last Updated: March 27, 2024By

Join us at noon for a heartfelt ‘Roundtable: The Sisters We Were,’ hosted by the Lubbock Women’s Club and featuring the inspiring Wendy Willis Baldwin. This event is a unique opportunity to explore the deep connections of sisterhood, reminiscing, and reflecting on the bonds that shape us.

Wendy Willis Baldwin, a captivating storyteller, will lead a thoughtful discussion on the intricacies of sisterhood, sharing anecdotes that resonate with the universal experiences of shared laughter, joy, and the cherished memories that make us who we are.

This ‘Roundtable’ is more than a conversation; it’s an intimate journey into the beauty of sisterly relationships. Whether you have sisters of blood or sisters of the heart, this event offers a chance to celebrate the unique bond that connects us all.

Stay tuned for event details, Wendy Willis Baldwin’s insights, and registration information. We invite you to join us for a ‘Roundtable’ that explores the special moments, shared stories, and enduring connections that make us ‘The Sisters We Were.’ See you at noon with the Lubbock Women’s Club.

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