Un-decorate the Club

Last Updated: December 2, 2023By

Join us as we bid farewell to the holiday season and embark on the cheerful task of “Un-decorating the Club from Christmas.” It’s the perfect opportunity to come together, share stories, and exchange laughter as we dismantle the festive decorations that have adorned our beloved Club throughout the holiday season.

This event is not just about taking down ornaments and lights; it’s about reliving cherished holiday memories, rekindling the camaraderie of the season, and embracing the promise of the year ahead. As we lovingly pack away the ornaments and garlands, we’ll be creating space for new adventures and experiences in the coming year.

From festive wreaths to twinkling lights, every ornament holds a story, and we invite you to share yours. Join us for a delightful afternoon of teamwork and nostalgia, and let’s make “Un-decorating the Club from Christmas” a heartwarming tradition that brings us together in the spirit of community and shared memories.

Reserve your spot and be part of this special day as we bid adieu to the holiday season. “Un-decorating the Club from Christmas” promises an afternoon of camaraderie, nostalgia, and the joy of new beginnings. We can’t wait to share this special time with you!

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